Konrad von Rauschenberger

graduated as a civil engineer (B) in 1951

Born in Hungary in 1924 he came to Denmark in 1945, after having studied for 2 years in Budapest

In 1956 he together with J.K. Nielsen co-founded the company Nielsen & Rauschenberger - now NIRAS

Since 1951 he has worked on the construction and development of the Greenland water supply plants

His interest for water supply has led to solutions in similar water supply projects in undeveloped countries

He has also contributed with several papers as well as lectures on the problems of water supply in artic environments

He retired from the company in 1989

Arne Herrmann Jensen

graduated as a civil engineer (B) in 1952

From 1954 he was employed by Lyngby-Tårbæk Kommune with assignments in road construction and sewage plants, before coming to Nielsen & Rauschenberger in 1961

Among other things, his work consisted of municipal technical projects, e.g. projects concerning networks for the distribution of natural gas

His main tasks were planning, designing and how to run water works and recovery plants in towns and hamlets in Greenland

His work made for extensive travels to the westerns as well as eastern parts of Greenland

He retired from the company in 1993

Konrad von Rauschenberger

born 20th December 1924 in Pécs, Hungary, passed away in Hillerĝd Hospital on Tuesday, 13th January 2015

The funeral was held at Sĝllerĝd Kirke Friday, 23rd January 2015, at 11:00

My father arrived in Denmark in April 1945, and after the war avoided being sent back to Hungary as he, contrary to many others, was not listed as a refugee, but as a "Misplaced Person". My father graduated as a civil engineer in 1951, and became a Danish citizen in 1954

In August 1956 together with civil engineer J.K. Nielsen he co-counded the consulting engineering company Nielsen & Rauschenberger which later became Niras. He left the company in 1989

My fathers book on "Greenland Water Supply, 1950 to 1990" shows how with great technical skill you can overcome the very hard and violent Greenland nature, and bring clean drinking water to most people. Greenland was a very significant part of my fathers life

After retiring in 1989 he travelled extensively to visit friends and aquaintances all over the world, visiting the people my parents had met through life

My father and I shared ancestral research and now have more than 700 actual relatives in our family tree. From where the family in 1721 arrived in Mecseknádasd, Hungary, still eludes me
Rest in peace
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